A Simple Marketing Guide for a Student Production House: Introduction

Is the pressure of being a university student holding you back from strategically marketing your production house?

Being students and trying to market yourselves alongside the pressure of assignments and other ‘work’ is quite achievable. You could still find the time to post your content on Twitter, Youtube and every other social media platform you could think of, undeterred by the constant pilling up of assignments.

But are those really the right approaches? Or are they merely an exercise in futility?

To effectively market your production house to the world is essentially a burdensome task at hand, especially if you’re starting from scratch. This guide can help you kickstart the marketing aspect of your production house, in quite the constructive manner. The following six steps are the essentials to do so:

  1. Identify Internal Strengths
  2. Team Brand Establishment
  3. Create an Online Presence
  4. Consolidate Your Position
  5. Connect With People
  6. Publicise Your Progress
These steps can be further divided into internal and external approaches and can also be linked to each other, to push your production house forward.

Stay tuned to see the more detailed explanation as to how and why these steps can be of aid when strategically marketing your production house.

See you soon,

Jayden Ferreira.

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