A Simple Marketing Guide for a Student Production House: The Internal Aspect

As mentioned in my previous post titled ‘A Simple Marketing Guide for a Student Production House: Introduction’, there are a few simple internal and external aspects to how students can market their production house effectively. This talks about three systematic approaches that you could conduct from an internal standpoint.

Identify Internal Strengths

Your production house contains talent, skill and competence that helps drive your production house forward. You are also most likely to have someone in your production house who is exceptional and shines out, most commonly, the team leader. This individual holds the entire production house together, making every member dependant on him/her. This is similar to that of Jason Blum of Blumhouse Productions, or Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph of Netflix, and is your core internal strength.

Subsequent to this, the identification of what truly makes your team special and different from the rest is important too. It could be a specific genre of film you produce, the chemistry within your team, the ability to produce a good film with a very limited budget and so on. So huddle up, brainstorm and create a list of more internal strengths which would act as your unique selling points. 

Your audience consists of two segments – your viewers and your investors. As a team, focusing on these three aspects – knowledge, credibility and experience – creates a very good impression of your production house. Therefore, the constant involvement of being more knowledgeable, credible and gaining more experience is necessary. 


Being students you would probably doubt your ability to be a successful production house. Don’t worry, just listen to what the late American Producer/Director, Mike Nichols, had to say.

The only safe thing is to take a chance – Mike Nichols

So take a chance, build on what you have and work your way from there – after all, everyone has to start somewhere right?

Team Brand Establishment

Now that you have identified your strengths and your abilities, creating an identify is the next step forward to effectively marketing your production house. Simply having a name you like is not enough to effectively establish your brand; which is why focusing on your vision plays a major role in marketing.

The vision describes the desired future position of your production house. It gives your team a sense of purpose and is the basis for everything that follows. You could think of it similarly to the foundation of a house that is being built. The strength of the house lies in its foundation and it upholds the entire structure of the house as well.

Following this, your name and logo should be based on your vision and mission. Humans are visual learners; we automatically perceive and create an impression in our heads. It’s a fact. Hence being the reason why it is essential to design your name and logo creatively, based on your vision, so that it positively influences your audience and creates a great impression.

The integration of your identity with your vision makes your production house seem full of purpose and promise, rather than aimlessly trying to exist amongst your competitors. You now possess an added competitive advantage and a stronger brand image for your production house.

Online Presence

Taking your thought-out identity online is next up on the list. We live in a digital era where technology is shaping the future of communication and engagement. The simple fact that you’re reading this article on your phone or computer, and not on a newspaper or magazine shows how this digital age has consumed us. 

The other day I glanced upon a mechanic taking out an entire engine. With patience, he cleaned each part dismantled and eventually re-asssmebed it. Which seemed like quite an intimidating task to me, looked extremely effortless for him – because he had a plan.

Similarly, creating an online presence from scratch is a difficult task, which is why a social media marketing strategy is much needed. In short, it is everything you plan to do and hope to achieve by using social media channels, which are all directed by the vision that you have for your production house.

Mainstream social media channels such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are imperative online channels that you need to utlize. However, engaging with platforms such as LinkedIn, Vimeo and blogs not only targets your viewers, but expands your reach by targeting potential investors and important individuals who can take you very far in the film industry. 

The most important part of being online is the added capabilty to use analytics to measure the performance of your production house. Many online tools such as Google Console and Twitter Analytics provide in-depth reports about your target audience, their preferences and almost everything that you could use to kick it up a notch with your production house. The more you ‘slice and dice’ your statistics, the more you’ll find out exactly what your audience is looking for and what they like about you.

Assume you are a production house that specialises in horror films. You noticed that the most number of views are from UK. As you ‘slice and dice’ these statistics, you notice that majority of the views are from Bromley, a small town in London known for paranormal activity, hypothetically.

And there you have it, the three easy internal approaches that can market your production house on a whole other level. Stay tuned for the upcoming post about how you can externally market your production house in an effective manner!

See you soon,

Jayden Ferreira.

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